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Team Building: Three Strategies to Make Team Development Stick!

Updated: Jan 27

Team development or team building workshops are a valuable opportunity for organizations to invest in the growth and cohesion of their teams.   The true impact is measured by the lasting effects on team dynamics, cohesion and performance.  Here are some considerations to make that team development workshop stick.

Get Clear Before You Start:   Get crystal clear on the purpose of the team development workshop. In doing so, you may consider some or all the following:


a.     What challenges may the team be experiencing or will experience ? 

b.     Is the objective to increase the team’s value internally and externally?

c.     Is the objective to manage existing  challenges or navigate change

d.     Are you onboarding new members to the team?

e.     Are you focusing on inclusion?

f.      Do you want to increase awareness and understanding of self and others?

g.     Are you looking to improve connections and communications with others?

h.     Do you want to make better decisions? 

i.      Other or a combination of the above?

Follow Up:   The first workshop is just the beginning.  Be sure to provide team members with opportunities to reflect on and discuss what they have learned. Opportunities to keep the momentum going may include:


a.     Follow through on individual and team action plans.

b.     Practice short exercises each month to keep it real and practice concepts learned.

c.     Follow-up workshop within two or three months following the first workshop.

d.     Continued individual development through one-on-one coaching.

Make an Impact:  The likelihood of success is enhanced by fostering an intention to grow both individually and collectively as a team.  There are several ways to guarantee that your team will make an impact:


a.     Encourage team members to model the behaviours and skills learned.

b.     Make the learning part of ongoing conversations about how the team functions.

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