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Clarity for Impact™

Clarity (noun):  The state of understanding

Impact (noun): Powerful results

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A strategic plan outlines your organization's mission, values, vision, direction and the high-level results that are needed to achieve your objectives.  We collaborate with you to craft the process and serve as your facilitator and strategic thinking partner in developing your plan. We guide you in proven processes that help you develop strategy so your organization can make maximum impact.  


Our process is customized for your needs and includes the following steps and the related outcomes:


-Understanding of the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats from the perspectives of your internal and external stakeholders.

-Analyzed data to provide in advance to participants of the first planning session.


-Clarity of purpose, mission, vision and values

-Definition of the strategic challenge

-Creation of possibilities


-Analysis of possibilities

-Definition of objectives and key results


-Strategic plan document 

-Accountability framework

The best laid plans and strategies are only effective if they are tracked, measured and adjusted as necessary to reflect evolving drivers of change.   We will help you clarify your objectives, identify key results, key performance indicators, areas of risk and oversight necessary to achieve your goals.  Most importantly, we will ensure your final plan includes a document to help you track and manage your progress.


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