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Clarity (noun):  The state of understanding

Impact (noun): Powerful results

executive coach leadership development talent assessment performance


We live in a VUCA world - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  When we add a combination of virtual, hybrid or in office environments, they way in which we connect the broader systems will drive success.   To meet the challenges of today, organizations need strong individuals and teams that provide high value and in turn, maximize their impact.

Team Coaching & Development

Team coaching explores issues that relate to collective performance, enabling the team / board to recognize and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future. 


We work with your team to bring improved communication and relationships, clarity of team purpose, strategy, process and roles; helping them maximize your organization's impact.  

Individual Coaching

We provide one-on-one (1:1) executive coaching, and coaching to leaders and future leaders to support growth, development and meeting the challenges of leading.  Working with a coach means having a thinking and accountability partner.  We will help you create new possibilities and maximize your impact as a leader and a colleague and give you the wings you need to exceed even your own expectations. 

Tools and Approach

We use a number of assessment tools, including tools for greater understanding of self and others such as

We also use a variety of team diagnostic tools and the Systemic Team Coaching Model (Peter Hawkins).  

  • Team Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • The People Side of Change

  • Executive Coaching

  • Management and Leadership Coaching

  • Team Development

  • Assessments


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