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Clarity for Impact™

Clarity (noun):  The state of understanding

Impact (noun): Powerful results


Stakeholder expectations are high.  Boards need to understand those expectations, ensure accountability and transparency and deliver on these in order to add value for maximum impact. 


We work with boards to equip them with a framework for optimal performance.  That means getting clear on your organization's core purpose, outcomes, roles and responsibilities of the board and executive management and where and how the board adds value.  It also means working on how board directors relate to one another, appreciate each others' differences and create an environment that results in adding real value to the organization.   Consider including Insights Discovery as a board development tool.  


There is no  "one-size-fits-all" governance approach.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in many approaches to governance.  We help you to develop a customized framework that works for you.   This includes education and training of board directors, the development of board policies, board goals and the evaluation of board and executive performance.  

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • CEO Evaluation

  • Board Evaluation

  • Governance Development

  • Policy Review

  • Board Development

Stakeholder Evaluation Review Governance Board


Get in touch to learn more about supporting the people in your organization to achieve their very best.  Call 204-799-3207 or message me below!

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