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Insights Discovery®

Unlock the Power of Self-Awareness


Insights Discovery® is a simple and memorable model that creates lasting self-awareness, builds strong relationships and drives business performance and organizational impact.

Call me at 204-799-3207 or fill the form below to see how Insights Discovery® can help you, your team and organization improve performance &/or to request the ROI Impact Report!



  • We work with you to understand your unique challenges and what results you want from our work together so that we can make the most effective use of our time together.


  • We create a customized workshop that will best fit your needs.

  • Each of your team members complete an Insights Discovery® Profile which will reveal their degree of preference in each of the four colour energies. 

  • We deliver your customized workshop to:

    • provide your team with knowledge of all four colour energies

    • provide individuals with their own preferences so that they can build self-awareness and strong connections with others

    • provide you with a unique team wheel which shows the balance of distribution of energies available around the team

  • Customized workshops can be focused on:

    • Team development​

    • Leadership development

    • Change mangement

    • What else may be important to you

The material is easy to understand and memorable so that your team can start to apply it right away. 

  • We follow-up by sending you actions that will keep the learning alive!


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ROI Insights Discovery

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Get in touch to learn more about supporting the people in your organization to achieve their very best.  Call 204-799-3207 or message me below!

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